Mohammad Ali Adonai – A Poem for Haftarah Vaetchanan

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It is easy to confuse the Lord with Mohammad Ali
especially when reading Isaiah’s prose, laid out like
the foretelling of the World Champion’s arrival.

The Lord is the greatest! (I’m paraphrasing)
The wilderness will be straightened out like a
divine highway (my landscape guy would never…)

Every mountain shall be lowered (finally conveniences
for the little guy!) All flesh is grass and all of it shall dry out.
(Sorry vegetarian cows.)

The Lord brings so much reward. (It’s like the lottery
up with this Guy.) He gathers lambs in his bosom.
(Every pet lovers fantasy,)

The Lord’s hand is strong! (All unworthy butts
shall be kicked!) All lands are drops of water
aching for the shelter of a bucket.

All Islands float away like specs of dust!
(We’re not putting Him on the map. He IS
the map!)

He forbids graven images, but will have one
custom made like it’s nothing. Just for fun,
He’ll blow away the trees like they’re straw!

(Learn from this piglets! This story predates yours!)
The Lord is the greatest. Hear him Roar! He’s
number one! He’s number one!