Jewish Poetry Books

Below are Rick’s Jewish poetry titles. For Rick’s more general interest poetry collections, click here.

With just a few exquisite words, Rick Lupert fills in the white spaces between the Torah’s words, and offers holy insight, life wisdom, reverent irreverence, and sacred depth. It takes a poet to find the poetry of Torah, and a great teacher to share it. Rick is both. His book is a gift to us all.
Rabbi Ed Feinstein

God Wrestler:
A Poem for Every Torah Portion


E-Book (PDF)


17 Holy Syllables:
A Haiku for Every Aliyah of Every Torah Portion

E-Book (PDF)

A Poet’s Siddur: Shabbat Evening
Liturgy Through the Eyes of Poets

36 poets (including Leonard Cohen) interpret the Friday evening liturgy through their poems.


A Poet’s Haggadah:
Passover Through the Eyes of Poets

36 Poets from all over the world reinterpret the themes of the Passover Seder.


I’m A Jew, Are You?:
Poems From A Tribal Perspective

My first collection of Jewish poems – early humorous work.