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The trouble with being inside a whale
is there’s nothing to do but think

Think of all the cities you
should have told what to do

told to quit their night-time ways
told to keep their hands to themselves

But the Big One scared your
pants off. You tried to get away

in a slick canoe; but the waters
were like a roller coaster and you knew why.

So, suddenly, no canoe, and you and
a whole lot of wet blue

Next step, your hanging family photos
on the insides of a whale. If only

you’d brought those photos, so you’re
stuck thinking for three days. You have

your revelation and the whale gets
the stomach flu, so out you go.

Whale vomit on the beach, new
sense of purpose and next time

you’ll think twice. You’ll police the
heathen cities, follow the ruler, and always carry a

picture of your mother. Trouble is, inside
a whale, you’ve got nothing but time to think of

those perfect things to say. Isn’t
that always the case, that perfect line

after the fact. So be careful because
whales sometimes digest and you’ve only got

three days of air.