I am a Remnant of Jacob – A Poem for Haftarah Balak

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I am a remnant of Jacob. His blood and flesh, part of my blood and flesh. I see him in my toenails and whenever I need a bandaid. I am a remnant of Jacob. Whenever I go to Temple I begin to see how I can piece him back together. I am a remnant of Jacob. I’ve got Egypt and Canaan coming out of my nostrils. I’ve got memories of cities destroyed for my kin the other remnants of Jacob. I am a remnant of Jacob. I don’t know from graven images. If you ask me to do sorcery I wouldn’t know where to begin. I am a remnant of Jacob. I hold memories of promises to be lifted above my oppressors to have my enemies vanquished to be made like rain upon the soil. I am remnant of Jacob. Call me Jacob when you see me. I’ll know what you mean.