Everybody Dies – A Poem for Haftarah Vayechi

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Everybody dies and here we are the poets reminding you about the finiteness of life. (It’s in our job description.) David, the King, was a poet and he now only lives in the hearts of our people. Like his great to the power of nine or ten grandfather Jacob, who also died and issued instructions and blessings on the bed of his death. This is how it is – more rungs on the tree All the people who came before on the tree linked to every leaf yet to sprout. And it turns out there really is just one tree although it feels like everyone comes from their own set of branches just start climbing down or up or over and you’ll find you didn’t have to leave the tree at all to meet up with them. Yes, everybody dies and the twelve tribes you’ve been watering will take it from here or maybe it’s just the one Solomon. In any case keep the water flowing. You may disappear but this one tree won’t.